Team Plug-in-City wins to design the

beurspaviljoen for Rijksoverheid 

Team Plug-in-City competed for a public tender for designing and building the pavilion for the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf ( central gouvernement real estate)

Team Plug-in-City winner Campina Circular design festival

Team Plug-in-City participated in a 2 days design workshop during Dutch Design Week 2018. Composed by Bygg Architecture, Ivo Hulskamp & Raphael Coutin, the team share the experience of Plug-in-City and proposed their idea developed during these two days for the future "Campina Terrein"

Building Plug-in-City

Plug-in-City is built by 'the pluggers' and the help of our partners. 


Plugin Paviljoen is organising public events such as concerts, lectures, dinner. You are always welcome!

Dismantling Plug-in-City 1.0

After New Year eve 2018 we prepared to move.

Moving Plug-in-City 1.0

Plug-in City 1.0 moves in january 2018

Plug-in-City 1.0

This is where we started


some videos we made

Stichting Plug in City
Eindhoven, Strijp-s
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