Plug-in-City Spinoff

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Spatial Intervention Office 

Ivo Hulskamp, Piotr Szczesniak, Raphaël Coutin, Tim Kouthoofd



Rijksvastgoedbedrijf Pavilion at Provada 

June 2019



Furniture "gym" 

June 2019


Photo by Barbara Medo

Photo by Barbara Medo

Photo by Barbara Medo

Photo by Barbara Medo


SPINOFF – Spatial Interventions Office

Plug-In-City Spinoff is the collaboration between Bygg Architecture, Studio Ivo Hulskamp and Studio Raphael Coutin, that focuses on temporary or permanent spatial interventions to activate urban areas in transition. These three companies combine their knowledge and interest in architecture, spatial design, social design, place making and circular building. The collaboration started with the development of Plug-In-City, as a temporary work and event space, built with re-used materials together with the community of users. We discovered each other’s strengths and we teamed up to work together on challenges that we saw around us. 

During Dutch Design Week 2018 we entered a design competition under the flag of Team Plug-In-City for circular solutions for the transformation of the Campina Terrain at the canal in Eindhoven. Our team convinced both the professional jury, as well as the public, with our proposals. It turned out that our hands-on experience with Plug-In-City as a living lab for circular building methods had paid off. 

In 2019 we entered a public tender for the Dutch Government with our team. The Kingdom’s Real Estate Department (RVB) was looking for the design and execution of a flexible and movable pavilion with the use of circular principals to be used on multiple fairs and exhibitions for the coming years. Our team won the tender and the pavilion has been baptized at the real estate fair Provada in June. 

The team has been working on identifying its collective strengths by evaluating its experiences with these collective projects. We came to the conclusion that the name Team Plug-In-City does not cover the team’s identity, because our projects are not limited to Plug-In-City. 

Hence, we happily announce the new name of our collaboration:

Spatial Interventions Office, abbreviated SPINOFF. 

The full name covers what we do in a nutshell and the abbreviation shows where we came from. SPINOFF is a spin off of our collaboration with Plug-In-City and as Team Plug-In-City.

SPINOFF proposes temporary interventions for areas in transition with complex spatial and social challenges.


Dysfunctional, disused or even abandoned areas are being re-developed into a new function. This happens all the time all over the world and that is not our main added value. We look at the in between. The transition of an urban area doesn’t start after 5 years of planning. It starts today. In our vision there are plenty of solutions or proposals possible to activate an area, long before the final development takes place. By activating the area with temporary spatial and social interventions, we kick start the new identity of the area and we soften the problems the area came with from the past. If you envision a development from A to E, we will fill in B, C and D. 

Circulab Exhibition

DDW18-26 oct 2019