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a creative community established in a city in motion.

Temporarily based in the middle of Strijp-s in Eindhoven, this community of designers, architects, artists and other professionals have forged their expertise in circular economy to build a space in the middle of Strijp- S that functions as a creative living lab, workshop, event space and cultural center.



Starting with a few containers and a piece of land given, temporarily, by Sint Trudo a few years back, we designed our city with limited resources and many adventurous partners, such as M.Heezen, ZND Nedicom, Hesta and others, who helped make it possible.

Through the use of containers, old windows, second-hand or borrowed materials, this small “city” is built entirely on the principles of Circular Economy – everything we have has been used, re-used and can be easily dismantled. In 2017 our efforts were recognized by Abn-Amro with a Circular Economy Award.


At Plug-in-City we design furniture, sculpt wood, curve neon lights, draw buildings and we build machines. We question social design and we constantly explore the concept of circular economy. 


Plug in City also has an original event space – Plug-in Paviljoen - which is co-owned by the Strijp-S community and is used for organizing concerts, performances, lectures, dinners and community evenings. 

Now, with the workplace settled, we are bringing our skills together and as a collective work on new challenges.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to ask for our expertise.


We are always looking for support, if you like to have some good time you can now register to volunteer:

            >Click here


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our partners, and friends

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