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Bygg develops VDMA
In the city center of Eindhoven, Bygg & NulZes created a temporary public space within a small forest

Bygg & Plug in City travel around Eindhoven 
Museum door de Stad celebrate the 100 years anniversary of Groot Eindhoven with a moving museum  

Bygg wins to design the
beurspaviljoen for Rijksoverheid 
Bygg competed for a public tender for designing and building the pavilion for the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf ( central gouvernement real estate)

Bygg winner Campina Circular design festival
Bygg participated in a 2 days design workshop during Dutch Design Week 2018.  The team share the experience of Plug-in-City and proposed their idea developed during these two days for the future "Campina Terrein"

Plugin Paviljoen is organising public events such as concerts, lectures, dinner. You are always welcome!

Building Plug-in-City
Plug-in-City is built by 'the pluggers' and the help of our partners. 

Moving Plug-in-City 1.0
Plug-in City 1.0 moves in january 2018

Dismantling Plug-in-City 1.0

After New Year eve 2018 we prepared to move.

Plug-in-City 1.0

This is where we started

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